Mad dogs and Englishmen

Now you’ve done it Britain. You’ve left the European Union. Boris Johnson, one of the leaders of the Leave campaign said today that

“This does not mean that the United Kingdom will be in any way less united; nor, indeed, does it mean that it will be any less European,”

Well I’m sorry to tell you Mr Johnson, but that is exactly what it means. You can’t leave Europe and still be a part of Europe. When the going got tough, the Brits got going.


It seems to have escaped the notice of the English speaking world, that the most intractable problems in the world today, have been caused by the English speaking world.

Well, you wanted to go it alone, so now that’s what you will have to do.

go it alone, all by yourselves, no help from Europe

No more lovely Spanish holidays, no more Mediterranean retreats, no skiing in Zurich.

You got what you wanted. I hope you enjoy it.