When I write a post, I rarely think about who may read it. I write for the sake of writing. Day four of Blogging Fundamentals asks that I consider who I am writing for, who is my audience. Now, that’s a good question.

If I was to target my writing to a particular audience, what would that audience be? It could be my family, I have a blog that is primarily focused on them, but it also has a secondary audience of family historians, it can be found at

In this post, I suppose I am writing for myself and anyone else who is following along with Blogging Fundamentals. I am creating this site, Courtney Jester, Born to Challenge, to publish my contemporary visual and writing arts. Some of these things have been moldering in my bookshelf for years and I am hoping that putting them out in the virtual world will inspire me to write more.

As I am writing, I find myself answering my own question, something that often happens. I guess that is, of itself, another answer. In writing, I clarify my thinking and answer my own questions so my audience is myself.

Who am I writing for? Myself, other contemporary visual artists and writers, and other blogging enthusiasts interested in honing their blogging skills. Something to keep in mind.